Super Phoenix 1.0.0 d11 Manual

Copyright ©2001-2003 Neil Carter, released 4 February 2003.

Please email for more information, for permission to distribute or to report bugs.

Legal Information

This software (the Super Phoenix application and associated data files, and the concepts contained within) is the copyright property of Neil Carter, all rights reserved. Parts of this software may be the copyright of others, and this information will be detailed at a later time, or will be released upon request. ‘Super Phoenix’ is a preliminary name, and may change at a later time.

This is a development release, and as such certain problems are known to exist, and there may be other faults. There is no warranty of any kind for this software and you use it entirely at your own risk. Due to the development status, you may not distribute this software any further without permission.

Minimum Requirements

Mac OS updates, Apple OpenGL and Game Sprockets are available from Apple. I recommend you use the newest updates for the best performance and compatibility, especially under Mac OS X.

Super Phoenix is a very fast game, so you'll need either a fast processor, a fast graphics card or (preferably) both. I recommend a newer ATI Radeon or Nvidia Gforce card. The ATI Rage128 Pro is the minimum recommended graphics card, but older Rage Pro cards from beige G3s and old iMacs can be made to work if you reduce your screen resolution and colour depth and turn fog off from the settings menu. Reducing the screen resolution and number of colours may help when using cards with very little VRAM.

Please note that joysticks and redefinable controls are not yet supported under Mac OS X, but will be added to a later version.

Known Problems

There are no known bugs that cause the game to crash at present. However, these problems still exist:

The following bugs affect Mac OS X only: