Leap tall buildings! Crush stupid robots beneath your feet! Wield your extra-terrestrial powers in the defence of humanity and send those alien invaders back from whence they came! Do all these things (apart from the last one at the moment) in Yoink!

The heroine charges a fireball as she dives at a Bifferbot.

In Yoink, you play as a part time superheroine who can fly, punch really hard and throw fireballs. Her job is to protect the little English town where she lives from waves of increasingly tough robots and aliens by stomping on them until they explode. Defeated enemies drop objects for bonus points and health replenishment, and you need to dive right into the fray to take advantage of them before they pop out of existence.

I had (and still have) some pretty big plans for this game, and it was always a pretty ambitious project despite its small size. I wrote a sprite animation system from scratch. All the buildings are tilemaps arranged in 3D space and described in text files because, as in Super Phoenix, I didn’t want to figure out how to load 3D models! The hardest part was drawing all the sprite animation frames. I’m really not cut out for that kind of thing.

Yoink was a winner in the uDevGames contest in 2003! I put my original post about that here. It was pretty popular at the time and I’d love to finish it properly one day.

One sad cookie pops out of an explosion as alien soldiers hop to safety.


You can download Yoink at itch.io:

Now available for Mac and Windows!


Yoink is available for the Mac again!


About eight months have passed since I released the Windows version, most of which were not spent on making the Mac version work, but it’s finally done. It wasn’t terribly difficult to get it working, with only a couple of …


Yoink is now available for Windows


After well over a decade, I’ve finally got around to updating Yoink so that it runs on modern computers. Unfortunately, although the original was Mac-only, the new version currently only works on Windows! I have a Mac build underway, but …


Heroine and Bifferbot


Here are a couple of (recent) sketches for my old game Yoink, if anyone remembers that far back!


uDevGames 2003: Yoink is a winner!


Yoink was my entry in the uDevGames 2003 contest. uDevGames is an annual event held by the iDevGames Mac game development website. Yoink won in two categories, coming first in originality and fifth in graphics. Yoink also came sixth in gameplay and …