Dilli and Rashus embark upon a journey across the desert in their ageing sandcrawler, patching it up with scavenged parts as they go.

The sandcrawler starts its engines.

I’ve made a lot of space shooters over the years, and honestly, the older I get, the less interested I am in blowing things up. Caravan is a game about travelling and keeping things going. It’s not meant to be a survival game, either. In the end, your enemy is only your own poor planning and disorganisation, and the penalty is that someone will be disappointed in you. Just like real life.


Caravan has never been publicly released, but some friends have tried it out. It’s suffering quite a lot from scope creep, especially once it somehow turned into an open world game! I love the concept and it’s a game that I’ve been wanting to make for well over a decade, so I’m going to come back to it soon to see if I can make something of it.


Adobe buildings


A few doodles exploring how the building generation thing for Caravan might work.

Through thick and thin


After modelling the sandcrawler that my characters would live in, I realised that I had made the doors the wrong shape for both of them!



A hasty sketch of the vehicle for this game. It looks different every time I draw it!