I’m Neil Carter, and I design stuff for a living. I also make video games and draw cartoons for fun, among other things.

The artist as a kind of Gollum-like creature.

I use Godot to make games these days. Prior to that, I used Unity, and earlier still, my games were built from the ground up in C++. I can still just about remember how to do that. I used OpenGL and SDL in some of my old Mac games, and also a lot of Mac-only APIs which I regret now.

I use Clip Studio Paint for most digital drawing, and sometimes Photoshop, ArtRage and the Affinity apps.

For traditional drawing, I like Uni-pin and Pigma brush pens for linework and black fills. I generally colour with Winsor & Newton brush markers, or scan and do it digitally. I draw on any old cartridge paper, or marker pads.

I also have an interest in hobbyist electronics. As well as the ever-popular Raspberry Pi and Arduino, I’ve also been playing with the Teensy LC, and I’m hoping to use it to make a little foot-pedal USB controller.

What’s this about?

Once you’ve built up a history of dozens of projects, it’s easy to forget that some of them ever existed, and then the benefits of those experiences are likely to be overlooked as well. I wanted to put all of my stuff in one place so that it’s easy for me to get an overview of what I’ve done, and use that to inspire myself to expand upon old projects or head out in new directions. Oh, and I suppose visitors from the internet can look at it as well.

Watch out that none of the projects can be downloaded at the moment. I made a few slightly popular games in the distant past, such as Super Phoenix, Yoink and Rescue. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get the old games working on modern computers, so they’ll be offline until I get around to fixing them. Other projects are just works in progress and aren’t ready to be played by actual human beings.

There are still a number of old projects which I haven’t added yet. I’ll gradually put them up as I go along, as well as anything new that I come up with. Check back occasionally if you’re interested, or keep an eye on my Twitter Mastodon.

Contact me

I’m a bit slow at responding, so bear with me. I will straight up ignore messages which I don’t like, so please be nice.


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